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Olivia Non-Lubricated Latex Condom

Safety is the very essence of perfect sex, as well as Olivia’s promise to you. With the unique sensation of extreme dryness, couples can choose to experience the ultimate sensual pleasure that’s just right for them.

D56 Sahara Dry
Sahara Dry
D56 The East Dry
The East Dry
D56 The Inner Man non-lubricated
The Inner Man non-lubricated
D56 D56 D56
WIDTH (Large Size)
D56 Spec
  • Non-lubricated
  • 100% electronically tested
  • Made in Malaysia
  • Certificates ISO 4074:2002
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D56 lubricant Suitable for those allergic to lubricant
D56 Size 56mm large size
D56 Safe with toys Safe with toys

Customer Reviews

Sara / 24 years old

Perfect for those allergic to lubricant! It’s so comfortable and soft that even my boyfriend is impressed.


Ming Jai / 31 years old

Use it with or without lube—it’s your call. Both ways are pretty amazing anyways.


CK / 22 years old

Compared with regular condoms, the design of extreme dryness offers better sensations. I’ll definitely repurchase!

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Every Olivia condom has passed the ISO 4074 quality assurance test and is electronically tested to ensure safety and reliability.

A random sample of condoms is taken from each batch for more rigorous quality tests including bursting test and water leak test. It is to check for burst strength, elasticity, and leakage.

Generally, the shelf life (storage period) of Olivia condoms is five years (upon completion of production). For the actual storage period, please refer to the date printed on the pack.

Yes. Both water-based and silicone-based lubricants are totally safe to use with Olivia condoms.

There are currently no specific standards for the manufacturing of condoms for anal sex. For anal sex in particular, application of additional water-based or silicone-based lubricants to the outside of Olivia condom once donned is recommended to help reduce the risk of breakage or slippage of the condom.


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