Tease with texture and scent.

Olivia Natural
Latex Dam

Although it is only a thin film, it can make oral feel so much better. The combination of silky touch and alluring fragrance triggers every couple’s deepest desires. Simply place it over the part(s) needed to block unwanted scents and double the pleasure, bring you and your partner a more hygienic and sensual enjoyment.

Assorted latex dam
Chocolate latex dam
Strawberry latex dam
Banana latex dam
Mint latex dam
Vanilla latex dam
Grape latex dam
latexdam spec
  • Non-lubricated
  • Made in Malaysia
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Everything You Need to Know about
Natural Latex Dams

Latex Dam - Mouth

Everyone loves the pleasurable experience of oral sex, but not everyone is willing to use their mouth or fears that unwanted scents will kill the mood.

And this is where Olivia Natural Latex Dam (also known as Dental Dam in some markets) comes in handy! Olivia Natural Latex Dam is a thin film specially designed for oral sex. Not only can it prevent direct contact between the mouth and intimate areas (such as the vagina and anus), but it can also invigorate your senses with alluring fragrances, bringing you and your partner a more hygienic and sensual enjoyment.

Latex Dam - Hand

Fancy to learn more about natural latex dams? Remember to read to the end!


latexdam feature Invigorate your senses with an array of alluring scents
Thin latexdam feature Thin and smooth, giving you the ultimate comfort
handy latexdam feature Each packed in a foil wrapper, handy and hygienic

How to Use a Natural Latex Dam


How to - 1

Open the foil carefully. Do not touch the natural latex dam by fingernails or other sharp objects such as jewellery, zips and buckles to avoid damages.


How to - 2

Place the natural latex dam over the body part(s) needed and you are ready to enjoy!


How to - 3

Use a tissue to wrap it after use and throw it in the trash, never flush it into the toilet.

Olivia Natural Latex Dams Make Oral Sex More…

  • Experience - 1


    Most first-timers feel nervous and even a little disgusted when they touch their partners with mouths. However, with natural latex dams, you and your partner can enjoy a natural touch without making any direct contact with each other. It helps both of you overcome the mental barrier easily and embrace your desires for oral sex.

  • Experience - 2


    Placing a natural latex dam between the mouth and the intimate area not only solves the odour problem, but also avoids the exchange of body fluids, reducing the risk of transmission of many STIs such as HPV. As hygiene is guaranteed, you can fully enjoy oral with peace of mind.

  • Experience - 3


    A natural latex dam is so thin that it will not affect the natural touch and pleasure of oral sex. Besides, the addition of alluring scents such as fruit and chocolate further stimulates each other's senses making the experience more sensual.

Where to Buy Olivia Natural Latex Dams?

Even if most supermarkets and convenience stores don't sell natural latex dams, don't be discouraged. You can always buy them from the following places!



Adult Stores

Adult stores probably have the most comprehensive range of Olivia Natural Latex Dams, and you can also buy lubricants and toys along the way. Although the stores usually don't have many outlets, and most of them are located upstairs, they are usually not crowded. It means that you can shop freely without feeling embarrassed at all! Most of the staff are also very happy to answer your questions about natural latex dams.



Online Shopping

Natural latex dams are often cheaper online and the whole process is fast and pleasant, making the shopping more convenient than ever. However, to save the time to check prices, we recommend buying from large shopping websites.

Customer Reviews

Lily / 28 years old

Super easy to use, just open and place it on the part I want. Can’t wait to try all six scents out!


Kevin / 32 years old

The sexy scents spice up the intimate moments, doubling the excitement.


Joanna / 24 years old

Mint is my favourite—not too sweet and very refreshing.

deco-review-01 deco-review-02


Everyone loves the pleasurable feeling of oral, but not everyone is willing to use their mouth directly. Some might also fear that there will be unwanted scents that ruin the moment. This is where the natural latex dam comes in handy! Made from latex, a natural latex dam is specially designed for oral sex, preventing the mouth from directly touching the intimate areas (such as the vagina and anus). Combined with an alluring fragrance, it brings every couple a more hygienic and sensual enjoyment.

Olivia Natural Latex Dam is made from natural rubber latex.

Not only does Olivia Natural Latex Dam not have a rubber odour, but it also comes in an array of alluring fragrances including Strawberry, Mint, Banana, Chocolate, Vanilla and Grape, which can spice up the atmosphere.

Each Olivia Natural Latex Dam can only be used once. Repeated use will increase the risk of breakage.

Olivia Natural Latex Dam is designed to block all unwanted scents and surround you with alluring fragrance during oral sex. But if you are creative enough, its uses can be countless! Just bear in mind that it is not a medical or contraceptive device that cannot prevent sexually transmitted infections (STIs) or pregnancy.

No. But Olivia Natural Latex Dam can be used with water-based or silicone-based lubricants.

Congratulations! This is the end of the article. I am sure you have mastered all the basics of natural latex dams. So, go purchase Olivia Natural Latex Dam and embark on a new journey of hygienic and sensational oral sex with your partner now!

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